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Founded in 1992, Shengzhou Kedi Electronics Co., Ltd. has a floor area of 102 mu...



In the 21st century, the spiritual civilization is the important backbone of enterprise development and also the important guarantee for its long-term development. In recent years, our company has enhanced staff enthusiasm and cohesive force by enterprise cultural development.

Shengzhou Kedi Electronics Co., Ltd.


Enterprise Image : Starting from New Starting Point, Developing New Fields, Experiencing New Life, Building up New Image
Enterprise Tenet : Survive by Credit, Develop by Quality
Quality Policy : High-precision Manufacturing, Continuous Innovation, Constant Improvement, Zero Defect
Business Philosophy : Credit-based, Satisfaction-targeted, Competitive Product, Bright Future
Quality Commitment : Providing High-quality Products for Customers
Production Safety : Rigorous Thinking, Exact Operation, Strict Inspection
Enterprise Spirit : Credit, Dedication, Autonomy, Innovation


Credit : Quality-first, Credit-focused, Talent-based, Satisfaction-targeted
Dedication : Dedication, Responsibility, Unity, Diligence, Hard Working, Self- improvement
Autonomy : Struggling, Enterprising, Reinforcing Strength, Creating Future
Innovation : Pursuing Perfection, Challenging Market, Advancing towards International, Creating Excellent
Development Strategy : Quality as Cornerstone, Market as Dominant, Talent as Bond, Brand as Leading

Shengzhou Kedi Electronics Co., Ltd.


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